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Healthcare IT

Cognify specializes in providing services to senior care organizations and institutions who operate programs including medical clinics, small hospitals, nursing homes, Alzheimer’s day centers, pharmacies, home health networks, senior housing and various other institutions along the entire continuum of senior care and services. Our clients run the gamut from being funded only with private funds to those who operate exclusively within various Medicaid, Medicare, and other state funded programs around the United States.

Technology Management for Business

Our abilities to marry technology to business process improvement and our experience as sophisticated technology managers are essential to the delivery of value to your organization. This unique approach is embedded in our ability to understand a situation and its context while accurately defining and creating an appropriate solution.

Client Advocates

We advocate on behalf of our clients. We take “build versus buy” decision making just as seriously as you do and deliver business cases to support our recommendations. We do not have reselling relationships with any IT suppliers or vendors, enabling us to focus only on your agenda and getting the most from your information technology investments.

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