We Improve Quality and Business Performance

Cognify is at the forefront of advances in healthcare delivery models and the rapidly evolving regulatory and legislative environments. Our goal is to provide payors, care coordinators, and healthcare provider organizations the opportunity to meet these challenges confidently and profitably. Ask us how to create a future-oriented, self-funding roadmap for upgrading your IT and dependent operations.

Cognify has a comprehensive understanding of Medicare Advantage plans, Part D, Medicaid partnerships, HCBS, MLTC and PCMH. With an array of system integration tools and strategies tailored to your organization, the end result is maximum business flexibility, optimized performance, and alignment of business processes.

Executive IT Planning & Oversight

Cognify provides the guidance and methods to help your organization use technology more effectively.

IT Strategy & Modernization

Cognify enables operational excellence by combining our knowledge with your own to innovate and be effective.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Cognify has deep experience creating scalable, integrated analytics and BI systems. Our patent history and Fortune 500 experience enables insight, research, and collaboration leading to new business opportunities and cost savings.

Systems Integration & Optimization

Extend system boundaries both within and beyond your organization. Cognify integrates systems and processes where others have struggled.

Software Development

Occasionally a customer has a business opportunity or problem that lacks a clear third-party solution. Our experience creating patented technologies and software systems is available to our customers and significantly reduces risk and expense.

Network Systems Infrastructure

We can provide for privacy, resilience and performance without engaging yet another vendor and its associated overhead and expense.

Application Deployment, Training, & Support

Our customers say that Cognify provides the 'best training ever'. We also have over a decade of experience deploying and maintaining major systems from tier one technology providers.